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by Nieris

There's something about this that makes me feel happy. The clear centerpiece is the two kissing (I stumbled across this and I love it a...

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ayy lmao i can barely post because my newly acquired carpal tunnel and massive headaches



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I forgot how many times I've deleted my old accounts. I was a young boy. DeviantArt was a scary place way back when.
Mostly traditional art at the moment. There's also a lot of jumbled lore I like to rant about in my drawings. Occasionally, I will try to use my tablet to draw digitally, it's just that I haven't really picked it up for he past three years.
Instagram Stamp - Tan by fairygodpiggy bonebroken_artist_

I just want to have some fun here. No hate, just love.
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UB: ASSEMBLY (Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon)
I don't know what I did. I fell asleep when making this so I went to bed and finished it in the morning. I find Assembly to be more intriguing than UB: Burst, I always liked machine-like monsters.

UB: Assembly-(c) Nintendo 

Drawn by :iconfilthypino:
Bakunawa (wip)
"And when the seventh moon arose from his slumber, Bakunawa saw his beauty and light from the depths of the ocean. In amazement and a thousands years of hunger, the great sea dragon jumped out of the sea to consume the seventh moon deity..."

Not dead. Not dead. Not dEAD
I just need to figure out what a whale's outer skin looks like. Large scales are not my specialty.
Libra, 3rd Constellation
Just a note I tried to make Libra's cloak and dress look like a galaxy. It sort of worked.
Sins are universal. So is karma. Even those who didn't believe in the Gods quivered at the first sense of the Cross of Judgement.
After Sotanath was destroyed by the Gods, judgement was no longer a real concept for a few decades. Humans, Gods and earth-kin alike were running amok. The Gods carried out there punishments, but some were not enough for the world's greatest terrors and warlords. To that response, Libra made her way to Earth.
Taking a more realistic form of her violent brother, Orion, Libra haunted the deserts where raiders, demon lords and warlords hid. The humans and elves in the area ended up calling her "Lady Muerte," for whomever she took never returned. She was not a hunter, but an executor. The Constellation must have sensed the disorder of the world, since Orion's every-century purges to balance natural life never worked out. Even supreme deities feared the Cross of Judgement, for even the immortal would pay some price if Libra sensed their doings.
Libra, as far as we know and have communicated with the being, lives an infinite plain. For "scientific reasons" only, prisoners who were too insane or chaotic for death row were sent to Libra via contact through warp zones. The further you go from the warp point you were taken, the less oxygen there was for people to breathe. The area absorbs extra oxygen and dispels it throughout a complex network of wormholes that are in earth's network. This is most likely because Libra is said to hail from Venus, since the only method recorded by humans that Libra used to kill was carbon dioxide suffocation. The crucifix that she often used as a means to pacify even the greatest threats often causes severe burns and lesions similar to how sulfuric acid works. Both elements stated are found on Venus.
Libra has temporarily sided with humans for most of its mythological history, but there have been very old scripts entailing that the Gods summoned Libra to punish one another and their disciples if one of the Gods did something that broke their "creation creed."
Libra has been cited in many old pieces of literature, but the most famous one was in the Dæmon Bible, where a grim reaper was supposedly punished for trying to resurrect his wife, whom the Gods killed.
Libra is only used nowadays as a way to humanely execute a criminal. If the scales tilt to the left, the person is crucified and sealed by Libra herself. If the scales tip right, the prisoner has the option to fight Libra to earn freedom. No one has made it out alive, though.

Orion, the 2nd Constellation
The hunter may give to the humans, but it also takes away.
For centuries after the human's creation and the Gods' purge on Earth-born organisms, there was always a gigantic statue the Gods had thought Akua left before being killed by Soo-sanu and Lucran. It was the basis for the rest of the Gods' humans, and how evolution was shaped when the deities kept trying to copy the giant from afar. It never moved, until the world was filled with creatures. The world was filled with fresh creatures, so the hunter was awakened.
Orion crash-landed on Earth 500 years before the God Records, when the other 12 Constellations had attacked it out of the warping realm from its brutality against its own siblings. With no technical bodies, the Celestial's children used the elements around them to create a vessel of their own. Taking the shape of a being only seen in dreams, it rested beneath the megatons of mountain, forest, and gas beneath its cosmic spirit.
Apparently, the Hunter Constellation took form of a human long before the Gods. There was a large what seems to be a miniature gravitational area inside of its chest, which allowed it to uphold almost what seems to have continent on its shoulders. Many animals nest and live upon Orion their whole lives. Unlike the organisms below, the ones who live on Orion before he arose do not suffer.
Every part of the Constellation's actual inner body absorbed oxygen from any source, which helped it keep its internal heat source alive. In a carved path of depravation, the hunter left a meticulous path of lifelessness. Not even the Gods could stop it, since they were made of Ether and the giant hunter absorbed anything with oxygen, including them. For millennia, Orion culled the mainland's life to balance out the life and death cycle of the planet, and the Gods stopped caring. Overpopulation was never a problem because of Orion, but soon the Constellation ravaged all the land around it, creating the "Badlands," or in more civilized terms, "Death Valley," based on an American desert.
After it had endlessly walked the wasteland, it rested within the middle of the area, laying dormant. In the middle of the desert, it became an oasis in hibernation. After the Recapitulation, it lay dormant, but kept sending infrared rays up to space. Scientists have been studying Orion for over 200 years, but unlike Marren, it is not organic. Whatever it is sending up there, we cannot decipher. Only the stars will tell what Orion is silently whispering to his siblings afar.

Orion, the 1st Constellation-(c) :iconfilthypino:
What were dreams like...?
Rough draft.
I believe only two people will know who this is--or I should say, was. He's not the edgy, dead drawing he used to be. The "egg" is sleeping, my friends.
Sleeping soundly in the forest, his petals gently dance in joy for the safety of humanity.

Nanto Suelta-(c) :iconfilthypino:
this took a while. i didn't want to post it, but eh. i know i'm gonna lose reference for this anyway.
The world soon started to categorize organisms by the level of their "TRANSmit" fields (Total Revived Anti-magnetic Neutron Signals), as these signals can amplify the electrical signal within neurons of a being, leading to show how some creatures can produce more of the TRANSmit field energy, or "Chi," as many alchemy scripts called it. Through TRANSmit fields, people can create defense matrixes, or potions of an area that can, as the name implies, create a defensive photon field which emits ions that can destroy, warp, or create light or dark-based powers.
•Edens (Humans, animals, plants)
"Edens" are the organisms that are naturally occurring on earth; or, more or less, created by the Gods. Plants are considered the "most complicated" as they have the ability to act as a mass organism, while humans and animals have a hard time acting as one. But Humans, most importantly, have individuality. This trait, along with sympathy and empathy, set them apart from the two other Edens because their own beliefs lead their TRANSmit fields to produce two energies: ANGUISH and Aether. ANGUISH, as the name implies, controls our emotions, but it is so powerful in such large quantities that it can destroy light and other TRANSmit fields. Luckily, humans can only produce extremely low amounts of ANGUISH.
•Lilin (Primitive demons)
Most primitive demons, at some level are made like humans. They lack individuality, though, and are usually isolated from their humanoid counterparts, the Behemoths, which leads them to not evolve properly. Their TRANSmit fields are slightly different from human ones, being that they cannot create defense matrixes with them.

The elven people, more or less, Woodren elves, are higher up on the list, due to their amazing ability to use their TRANSmit field to manipulate plant life and earth. Compared to humans, elves are much more powerful than humans because they were exposed to more ANGUISH than other species. Since they depend on plants and the forest for power, elves constantly produce a type of ANGUISH that acts as a pheromone to cause plants to grow extremely rapidly. Strangely, most elves cannot produce defense matrixes, but half-breeds can.
These tall, alien-like people evolved to withstand high droughts in the desert and in the separate realm they come from. Ethereals, by their namesake, don't produce ANGUISH, but Ether. Ether is the exact opposite of ANGUISH--as Ether is light, ANGUISH is dark. Because Ethereals have no ANGUISH levels to control their emotions, those raised in a non-militaristic environment will end up having extreme outbursts of rage. This is why they were chosen as the three warriors in the child's story "Chaos and the Five Saviors." Ethereals seem to have a very bad racism problem, especially with the undead. The Ethereals can create strong TRANSmit levels to manipulate light (photons), electricity, fire, and water as elemental powers.
•Behemoths (Sex Demons, Dæmons, Ramiels)
These demons are closer to humans and elves, as they have sufficient TRANSmit fields to reach human evolution. Often, these organisms have kept their beastly appendages, such as horns or wings and tails. Demons have control over miasma, a weak magic that naturally occurs in rotting bodies. This magic can often only be used by demons, due to its corrosive nature and its sole ability to decay things into pure elements. Demons and Angels hate each other strongly, due to the natural gap between the rich and poor in the Everest World. Ramiels, otherwise known as Angels, only seem to care about themselves, and are very highly adored by clerics and people alike. They too rely on their TRANSmit field levitation for flight, like demons, but often can create light-based wing platelets. These are not for flight, but for attacking and defending themselves with.

•'MEKAs (Golems and Hybrids)  
"MEKA" is a widely used term for people of genetic creation or mutation--whether it be from the gods, or just mysterious generations of experiments, any living being that has cyborg properties is considered a MEKA. Golems are the easiest to recognize, as their cognitive functions rely mostly on gears and clockwork, similar to robots. Their blood is all human, though, but their eyes and hands contain magnetic properties that allow them to manipulate earth and create strong TRANSmit fields made only of ANGUISH. Because of this, Golems are a very socially acceptable group, as they are very polite and their high levels of ANGUISH control their emotions. Hybrids are extremely rare, but exist. Hybrids tend to have multiple cores and go can go through hundreds of evolutions in their life. They branched off from their Golem relatives to be able to assimilate DNA into their systems to better their lives. Often, Hybrids are just categorized by their mechanical cores--if a person is born with one core, they are a Golem. If they are born with two or more, they are a Hybrid. These cores allow Hybrids to create "DNA" engines program different "plates" on their body to function differently, but usually end up falling into a small coma after evolving needed appendages, wings or powers. Hybrids have extremely strong TRANSmit and ANGUISH levels, sometimes so much that if they try to create a defense matrix, it warps light and can absorb heat-based projectiles. This is all based in their eyes, though, and if their eyes are jammed or hurt, the extreme amount of photons in their eyes can cause their cores to implode, causing a self-destruct.
•Lamia (Volucris, Vampires, Revenants/Undead)
These beings have such a high TRANSmit levels that if they created a shield with it and jumped from a 50 foot building, they would survive--and crush everything beneath the photon-based shield.
Volucris are insect-like humans. Not the movie kind, but they do have wings that resemble moths or dragonflies, which is why fairies are considered Volucris. Volucris vary greatly, as their genetics carry the genes for all invertebrates. Some will carry genes for mantises, wasps, spiders or even octopuses. Often, Volucris are considered the ancestors to Hybrids, as Hybrids have somewhat the same genetic shuffling ability as the Volucris do.
Vampires are considered undead due to their overall appearance--sharp canines and bright eyes-but they lack blood-producing marrow. So, they have evolved to use the blood from other animals, namely humans. Vampires and humans have grown up and evolved side-by-side, and the only real difference is that Caucasian, African and Latino Vamps have extremely sharp incisors as they take in more blood by slitting, while Oriental Vamps have shovel shaped incisors and extremely sharp molars, leading to a lifestyle more suited for biting. Vampires can increase their TRANSmit levels to manipulate blood through the use of neurons and cuts on their bodies. Vamps also seem to produce a pheromone similar to demons, which causes extreme hallucinations or causes a person's morale to die instantly.
Revenants are simply just people who have been brought back to life. They are extremely strong, and have an aversion to sunlight. Revenants have a soul, unlike zombies, which makes them intelligent. Though, they require a much more protein-based diet, due to their slow regeneration rate. These undead are usually made of miasma, which in turn makes them somewhat demonic, but as they can be any being brought back to life, Revenants are still considered human-ish.
•Magi (Druids, Arcane Lords, Miasma Dragons)
Magic is not just learned; rather, it has to be written down first. Magi, the kind of people who can create magic, have the ability to manipulate every element of their choosing, as their TRANSmit fields can be lowered or raised to the desired level to control specific elements. ANGUISH is considered to be "dark mages'" work, as it reflects light, is harder to control and takes a considerable amount of knowledge and practice to use.
Arcane Lords use their TRANSmit fields to create Ether. As it is a life force, Arcane Lords are prestigious to many as their healing powers are beyond any explanation. Ether seems to stimulate stem cell growth and bolster the immune system, leading to making these people frontline nurses or clerics on a battlefield. With enough concentrated Ether, one Arcane Lord could create an explosion around a quarter of the size of a hydrogen bomb aftershock--and that's still big.
Miasma Dragons were once regular dragons, but they branched off into a completely different category than regular dragons because of how the miasma affected their bodies. The gas allows them to somewhat decompose, but enough to warp their bodies into something other than a dragon. Miasma Dragons lose their ability to fly and breath elements, but have traded it for a complex defense system, almost impenetrable armor, and the ability to resurrect almost anything. Miasma dragons are repelled by Ether, because once it is placed in front of them or if it is ingested, the dragons will usually revert back to a skeleton because Ether apparently neutralizes miasma.

Just as the name says, disciples are just students of a divine power. Most disciples are isolated from their kind (humans, vampires, etc.) to release their humanoid binds and reach a level of "eternal peace," AKA pushing their TRANSmit levels off the charts. Millenia ago, thousands of people tried to be disciples for the Gods, but ultimately twelve made it. Disciples are different from their kind, because they no longer need to use their TRANSmit levels. The electrons and other ions within their bodies are so powerful that they can manipulate any elemental product (inherently fire and water, at the most), and the boosted level of ions raises their intelligence far beyond other humans. They are bound to serve and protect their Gods, even if it means death to themselves. Due to the natural competition between Gods, disciples grow to hate one another unless the two Gods they serve are allies or are in a mutual relationship.


These are a step above disciples. Reapers are different because, though they were once humans or Warrior level and above, they lose their human form and become a Reaper, charged with collecting souls and led by Mähdrescher, the first Forbidden One. After a time, if their charge is over (20-500 years), they return the human world. They are granted not with the power to create TRANSmit fields, ANGUISH or miasma; rather, the ability to handle it and are immune to some of the deadly effects of the light and dark matter. See, collecting souls is a nasty business, and when an organism dies, the TRANSmit, ANGUISH and miasma levels spiral out of control. This is essentially "rotting" flesh, as the high level of the energies can overwork the immune system and cause people to be susceptible to disease. If the charge is disrupted by another high level of TANSmit or ANGUISH, it can cause combustion or sub-zero temperatures. Reapers, on the other hand, can easily handle energies with special scythes made by their organization, ARUS (Association for Reaper Cleanup). The scythes disrupt the flow of energy and make the ions neutral. After collecting the soul to be recycled back into Ether, the Reapers can take the rest of the day off. This makes them extremely powerful against almost any species or class below them, as their scythe can neutralize their powers.

•Gods and Demi-Gods
As the name implies, Gods. Beings with immense power. Though they have been researched for over 70 years, there is still nothing to explain their existence before humans. This still supports the "man was created in God's image" trope, but how Gods have been able to make organic matter is still puzzling. Most can only suggest it was through scientific experimentation, as some Gods had technology we can't ever explain.
Gods and Demi-Gods have incredible TRANSmit levels, enough to destroy some of the strongest materials on earth. They have no need to wield the elements, as each and every God had Ether.
Though, the Gods are long gone. After many past wars and attacks from other realms, the Gods have been destroyed. There is none, if any, very little evidence to prove they are still here.

•Forbidden Ones
An old legend used to circulate the islands of Ferus, Lemn and the Cheri archipelago. Ten children of the First Earthly Demon, Marren were sealed away by the Gods and left in the void for centuries. Somehow, they survived and came back with knowledge even the Gods feared. Though, this is nothing more than a legend.
The "Forbidden Ones" were a group of creatures categorized by their extreme powers, beyond that of any God. They have the ability to decimate entire populations and conquer the entire world, yet they don't. In fact, they fear punishment and divine power, which is how the legend might have come to be. The Forbidden Ones, as far as we know, are the last of their species. Each came from Marren, the first Demon. Marren had the genetic codes for almost all life, including some Demi-Gods. Marren had many children, but ate them all as an act of protest against the tyranny of the Gods. She was speared in the head by a Creation Lance and died, with only ten surviving. As the only ones left, they grew beyond Godhood, and gained knowledge from years of traveling and experimenting. Because they lived among the organisms of earth and have the minds of Gods, they could understand things no one else could understand, leading them to be hunted down and sealed away by demons and Gods. Only 3 were recorded to exist now, and their whereabouts are unknown.

•Time Travelers (Time-Lords and Warp-Lords)
All these people have the simple ability to manipulate time, wormholes and the space-time continuum. Most of these Time Travelers are self-taught, and are a secret organization that helps humans and creatures of all kinds through warp-based technology. They have never taught anyone, though, because they have the ability through blood. Their TRANSmit field is so powerful it can break through the restraints of most physics and rules of time. With this, they can transport themselves or objects through a rip between the continuum. But, most importantly, they use gravity as their source of power. With an infinite amount of energy from gravity, they can break the continuum easily. But, this is really the only ability Time-Lords and Warp-Lords have. They can only inherit other powers if they are not human or a half-breed.

•Kinohi ke Akua
An unknown force surrounding the early days of creation. Little is known about Akua, other than the fact that it was being that created all the Gods. Gods fear Akua, as the rumor is that it is omnipresent, and is everywhere and everything. The story goes that it had died from its first son, and became one with the earth. His original body was hidden, because it s ever decomposed. Should he find it, all the living, dead, and demonic will burn in blue fires.

•The First Celestial
A somewhat "brother" of Akua, the Celestial was a divine being that brought the universe into existence. In fact, it was discovered that it existed and is around the same age as Akua. Legends rarely spoke of the Celestial, because it was an outside force and could destroy all of the Gods with a touch of its finger. They say that the TRANSmit field of the Celestial is so powerful, fragments that separate from it become new pocket worlds. He floats in space, never to be seen by regular human  eyes, hidden within the nebulas.

•The Thirteen Constellations
The thirteen sons and daughters of the First Celestial. When the wars of the past had ended, the First Celestial hid Akua's powers of creation from his offspring. The Constellations had sealed away their father, to prevent him from hiding everything anymore and to protect him. The Thirteen Constellations own a region of pocket universes that all surround earth and the solar system, keeping it in check. Contact made through them came through Morse code, and the exchange of gifts. Though, 12 of them surround earth because of the burst in life there; the 13th and first daughter is missing.

The first creation of the Earth. The corpse of Marren still remains in an active seal to this day, along with the Yishuija Spear lodged within its head. Discovered in 3001, Marren was, according to legends, more powerful than the Gods themselves. Since Marren was the first product of Earthly-born creatures, she constantly laid unfertilized eggs, scattered in the earth. From the excess energy of the Gods' fighting, the first forms of life popped up. Over the centuries, Marren was driven out by the Gods. She had given birth to the Ten Forbidden Ones, her last children before being put down by the Gods after she tried eating them. With the spear of Yishuija lodged within her head, she is in a state of hibernation. Though she is rotting, Marren's blood still flows and she is the link to all living things.

The great glass and steel dragon that roamed the skies and the mountains, long before Gods colonized the Earth. Minowaka was the guardian and "father" of all Ziz, or dæmons who were messengers for the Gods and humans. Minowaka was the only Earthly creature who tried making contact and peace with the Gods besides another demon species, the Corvusine. Legends say that Minowaka was driven insane by what side he should take, and the roles were reversed. He began destroying everything he and the Gods had created, leading them to unfortunately kill him. With what little essence he had, Minowaka laid dormant the beaches of Tuutra, until he sensed a hidden miracle in the sands. With the last moments of his spirit living, the once great, now called dragon became dust, becoming the sand and the rocks of the world. The Shenmi Core accepted some of the leftover energy, and formed Shang.


Long ago, there were humans and other humanoids who lived in harmony in an oasis beyond the mountains. These natives grew close to Kinohi ke Akua and the First Celestial, taking care of them and in return, these people will given the secret of creation. No other God could do this without the use of Sacred Books. Three artifacts were scattered after the war: the Brush, the Iris of Akua, and the Shenmi Core. The Brush was the most destructive; it could warp basic elements, matter and anti-matter to create or destroy what was needed. The Iris of Akua is supposedly the literal Iris from Akua's only good eye, which allowed him to see all forms of what would be to create before he gave them to the natives. Finally, the Shenmi Core was a sentient entity that came from the earth, and natives used it to keep the weather, lands and people in harmony. As newer Gods consumed outer lands with war and disease, Kinohi and the Celestial sealed it within an old Golem Core, which they left in Tuutra Beach. Not surprisingly, the last Earthly form had used it behind the Gods' back to create Shang, the disciple representative for humans and humanoid civilization. Terraformers could be anyone. Their TRANSmit fields create shields that are different from the standard matrix, which can only create one asymmetrical or symmetrical shape. Terraformers' matrixes warp the very air around them and literally "create" matter that is strong enough to stop nukes and in most cases, break a God's seal. This is what makes Terraformers so powerful--their ability to create and control matter itself is more powerful than the Gods, as the Gods can only create. Terraformers can destroy, warp, recreate and fix mistakes of the past and future by being able to destroy and create new worlds.  

Legends say that Akua had a sister. Long before the war started, she had sensed that the world had no good fate left, so she turned into Ether and somehow fueled Earth's evolution process. Ether is found in mass quantities, so it's possible that it had originated from a living being. Even more terrifying, evidence suggests that the Ether material is made of proteins, has the same temperature as humans, and can be a substitute for the creation of flesh, bones, nervous system and organs. It acts aggressively towards dark matter, and neutralizes it on the spot. There is very little writing on Etheria, and even fewer drawings.

•Shang Shemni
The "Faith of Terraformers." During the early ages of the Gods, the disciples fought one another, killing one because he was too soft. War after war built up, and suddenly Shenmi appeared.
There is no reason why we should say Shenmi was human. Or, is human. Except for the fact that he can split into thousands of arrows that pierce the TRANSmit field of every creature and can create a matrix big enough to engulf most of planet earth. Shemni was only seen two times: one was when the Gods and disciples were supposedly "ending the universe," and Shenmi decided to pop up and pierce all of them, ending the creation process and "rebooting" the world. The second time was very recently, around 47 years ago. When three failed lab experiments with the powers of the Gods took control of divine seals and released creatures beyond our control, a creature resembling Shenmi fought back with monsters of his own, saving several nearby cities. Shenmi is not controlled by anyone or anything; it is a pure soul concocted by the first God with one goal: happiness. It will never stop bringing new charges to this corrupt, cold world until the innocents can pursue happiness themselves. In a world that was once full of oppression and war, Shang's defiance and Shenmi's birth gave freedom life. Shenmi has not been seen since, and when the time comes, the end of all the legends said that a seal in the sky would break, and Shemni's last attempt at finding a savior would impact the entire world, based on the savior's one decision.


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